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the beginning


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the Concept


We believe that existing paradigms of collaboration for creatives are too rigid and centralised, and want to re-imagine what it is to augment value through collaboration and common ownership. Creators that use our platform will be rewarded with both royalties and ownership, made possible by blockchain and smart contracts with in-built royalty splitters and our native $QEV token.

the purpose

our mission

Our mission is to induce and collect artistic collaborations to create Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) commodities which have monetisation value to third party licensors in large industries like film, gaming, the metaverse, merchandise and publishing. We want to offer a gamified framework that incentivises people around the world to be part of multimedia masterpieces, rewarding them fairly for their creativity (Intellectual Property), while actively supporting social causes.

the future

our vision

Our vision is to become a community of creatives which collaboratively create valuable IPRs commodities, where holding our native token equates to owning a piece of the IPRs pie. We’re seeking to revolutionise the collaborative framework used to create IPRs commodities in order to build an incentivised community of creatives, collectors, traders, investors and fans to become part of a decentralised organisation, where holding our native $QEV token equates to holding IPRs, and the overall profitability of the movement rewards its holders fairly.
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