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I. When does an NFT’s story end?
This depends on the type of Novel: I. Infinite: never-ending story; II. Finite: a capped number of entries per NFT
II. Can I keep editing once published?
Once your text is published there is no going back. Your contribution will be cemented onto the blockchain.
Iii. Can I buy more than one NFT?
As many as your imagination (and wallet) can handle!
IV. What if a contributor bombs a story?
The value of the NFT lies in the quality of the storyline. If someone tries to sabotage it then it’s up to the next contributor to ‘correct’ its course - which is entirely subjective.
V. How do I redeem my $QEV tokens once I have contributed?
You will be able redeem your $QEV tokens 72 hours after a contribution by clicking REDEEM on the navigation bar. This is coming soon.
VI. I Have a different question
For any more questions please ask our Discord community or shoot an email to .
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