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I. Crypto-Novels
The first iteration of our collaborative frameworks. These collaborative writing projects will induce storytelling, character design, lyric writing, poetry, comic books, journalism, scripts and lots more. For more information, check out this video.
Each Crypto-Novel is composed of a scarce collection of NFTs (comparable to chapters, stories, articles, entries or characters within a writing project) designed, scored and written by a distinctive combination of artists (known as ‘Architects’). Prior to launch, a particular social cause and charity is assigned to each novel. The imagery, music and the story’s opening paragraph (known as a Spark Verse) are all created to plant an underlying theme that inspires and creates coherence to collaborations. The Crypto-Novel becomes a vessel of Intellectual Property Rights that packages contributions from people around the world, acting as a frame for world building.
We are starting off with 4 variable writing parameters that structure contributions within Crypto-Novels. These structures can be used individually in combinations. It is important that users are aware of each parameter before contributing, because you might be writing the final chapter of a novel or NFT and this is obviously critical.
Iii. the nfts
Purchasers of our ERC-721 Non-fungible tokens unlock the ability to add words to the on-going text through our website, after logging into their crypto wallet. They are also granted access to a gated discord channel for that specific novel in order to be fully immersed together with the Architects and other contributors.

Before new words are published, they are filtered through a plagiarism checker API and, if no flags are raised, the smart contract metadata is updated on the blockchain with your wallet details. The updated NFT can then be sold on. 

Contributors earn access to a global Royalty Pool and 200 $QEV tokens per contribution, easily redeemed via the redeem function on the navigation tree (see Redeem section).

$QEV token holders will also gain access to gated Discord channels, which will contain spaces exclusively for contributors to continue to collaborate and steer the project artistically.
IV. royalties
A smart contract payment splitter is implemented to allow contributors to gain access to global perpetual royalty pools shared with previous contributors, TQOE, the Architects and the assigned charities. A global Royalty Pool works like a share dilution system. Every contribution gains 1 share of the pool, while architects and charities and TQOE gains 5 shares per Novel. The more you contribute, the more shares you earn from the royalty pool. There will be a Global Royalty pool for each integrated chain - Moonbeam (GLMR), Polygon (MATIC), Etheruem (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX) and Binance (BNB)We are reinforcing our royalty structure by creating a whitelist of ERC-2981 (NFT Royalty Standard) compatible marketplaces that will be able to trade the NFTs. Any transfer or sale attempt to or through an address not listed on this whitelist will fail. Addresses will be listed here soon:

NFT owners own the underlying asset but not the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) to the imagery, music and written content. When and if the IPRs of a novel or its NFTs are sold, a bonus royalty payment of 20% will be given to the stakeholders of a particular Novel or NFT and the 80% surplus will be assigned to the DAO treasury for future distribution, post Community Sale.
V. redeem
The redeem function allows the community to receive earnings from their participation in our ecosystem. This is a seamless and almost immediate way for creatives to capitalise their work. By logging in to your Metamask Wallet you will have the ability to redeem your Royalties, as well as your $QEV tokens, directly into your wallet address. Remember to switch networks to redeem your royalties from different chains. The royalties will be paid out immediately after contribution to an NFT while the $QEV tokens will take 72h before becoming redeemable. By contributing to the NFTs you can now earn a passive income through royalties and the $QEV token.
VI. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
Whenever an entry is made into an NFT, the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) of the piece of writing are transferred from the Contributor (writer) to The Quest Evolution (TQOE Lda.) in exchange for a share in the global royalty pool and 200 $QEV tokens. Each novel therefore collects, structures and thematically organises collaborative additions by people around the world, forming what we call  IP Commodities. This opens an avenue for the future commercialisation of these commodities in large industries like film, gaming, publishing, merchandise and the metaverse, the profits from which will be shared with token holders, post Community Sale.

A contributor’s IP is a fraction of what a complete IP commodity is. The only way that we can capitalise further value is by centralising the IPRs in the hands of TQOE Lda., as the company will also manage the contracting and proposal management of potential sales of a novel's accumulated IPRs in the future. The DAO will eventually take the responsibility for voting on any potential sale.
VII. Positive Social Impact
It is very important to us that our collaborative network also creates philanthropic value. Smart contracts make it easy to transparently implement wallet addresses to split the earnings generated by the NFTs (primary sales and the global Royalty pool). We will use this in order to dynamically assign a social cause to each Crypto-Novel, chosen by the novel’s Architects. We have partnered with The Giving Block in order to process donations.
We will deploy our Token and Claim Lock Smart Contracts on the Moonbeam Network, a Polkadot smart contract parachain which is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible. Moonbeam allows us to deploy a GMP protocol that enables cross chain messaging, ultimately creating a multi-chain platform. For this, we have partnered with the ‘Interchain Highway’ Hyperlane. Royalties will be paid out in the Blockchain Currency that ERC-721 contracts are deployed in, namely, Moonbeam (GLMR), Polygon (MATIC), Etheruem (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX) and Binance (BNB).

Initially, Metamask will be the only wallet integrated on our platform, but we plan on integrating others over time. For more information about connecting your Metamask to the Moonbeam Network please click here .

The implementation of Web3js on our website will allow NFT owners to connect using their crypto-wallet browser extension (such as Metamask). The website interacts with our ERC-721 Enumerable Smart Contract to verify ownership using the balanceOf, tokenOwnerByIndex functions.

Once this is confirmed, the next step is interacting with the contract to discover if the story has already been modified by the holder or not. This is done by calling a function that returns the list of people that have modified the story and confirming the new owner’s presence at the end of this list. With this verification process complete, the holder will be granted access to add words to an editable text-box on the NFT display.

After running the text through a plagiarism checker API, a transaction is sent to the Smart Contract which includes the text that is to be added to the story whilst updating the mapping variable which stores this and registering that this address (msg.sender) has now contributed and is added to the list of people that receive royalties. 
The NFTs within each Crypto-Novel will be sold on different Marketplaces, depending on which blockchain the collection (ERC-721 Smart Contract) is deployed on. The Quest of Evolution will always announce an on-sale date and Marketplace in advance.
IMPORTANT: We have created a whitelist of ERC-2981 respecting marketplaces in order to reinforce our royalty collection model for the sake of our community and to eliminate bad actors that are incentivised to farm shares or tokens.
The vision of the DAO is to create a community-led organisation where governance and profitability lies in the hands of $QEV token holders. It allows the community to make decisions on the creative and business direction of the movement, while reaping the benefits of the overall profitability of the organisation.
We want to create the first IP currency, by making it such that holding our token equates to directly benefiting from the sale or licensing of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) from TQOE to a third party. The $QEV token is a hybrid utility and rewards token that represents a piece of the IP pie.
The Ecosystem Treasury will remain under the leadership of TQOE Lda. and decentralise over time in order to grow the team, raise future funds, transfer more tokens to the platform treasury and onboard more architects.
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I. Genesis Supply

This is the initial mint of the $QEV token. We have implemented a smart contract monthly 2% mint inflation mechanism that has the capabilities to be turned on by the Ecosystem treasury multisig or, later, the DAO treasury. This mechanism is only meant to distribute to the platform treasury smart contract for the future grants to contributors in the case of $QEV shortages and overall platform popularity. This does not need to be used, unless the company or DAO elects to, although it provides options to ensure that the platform doesn’t run out of $QEV. To avoid inflation, this mechanism will never be implemented for the market distribution of $QEV.

II. Invested Parties 

These are individuals that have been involved in the seed rounds for the Quest of Evolution. Their $QEV tokens are to be fully vested over 15 months.

III. Ecosystem Treasury 

This is the Quest of Evolution’s Company (TQOE Lda.) led multisig treasury that is to be used for operations, or to be held for future needs. This will be handed over to the DAO over time, to be distributed to the platform treasury, or be used in other ways to support the platform in the long term like onboarding new architects, expanding the team or raising more funds.

IV. Architects

The Ecosystem Treasury will assign tokens to onboard architects.

V. DAO treasury

This is the multisig for the DAO and is generally meant for elected members of the DAO to support its operations.

VI. Platform Treasury

This is the smart contract platform treasury, which will be used for the airdrop of $QEV to contributors. We will initially allocate 1,500,000 $QEV to this treasury from the company treasury and airdrop contributors 200 - 500 $QEV per contribution, after a 72h time frame (to revise and flag token farming behaviour).

VII. Community Sale

The Quest of Evolution's Community Sale will be the market coin offering, using a platform like CopperLaunch or Miso. This sale should also provide market pricing information that could then be used to set the initial price when providing market liquidity.

VIII. Operational Liquidity

The Quest of Evolution $QEV token is intended to be obtained on the open market. The Community Sale will provide market pricing information, and the assets generated can then be paired with the 2.5% initial token allocation to create a liquidity pool for market swaps.

IX. Airdrop

Token airdrops are intended to spur community development for the DAO and The QoE platform.

X. IP Sale

IP Sales will generate rewards for $QEV token holders, post Community Sale.
XIV. Ambassador Program
As our project grows, so will our team. If you’re looking to be a part of an entity that values its community and adheres to its values, then this is for you. As an ambassador, you will be helping us connect with like-minded individuals like yourself. You will not only get an opportunity to work with our world-class team but also the chance to build your own personal and professional brand whilst getting rewarded with early access to releases and our native $QEV tokens. KPIs: 

There are numerous KPIs that will be assessed to determine the success of our Ambassador Program. These include: 

- The number of community members referred by the ambassador.
- The ambassador's engagement rate within the community.
- Brand mentions and total reach.
- The number of views and engagement of the promotional content. 

Our Ideal Ambassador:

Our ideal ambassador is someone who shares our long term goals and understands our values whilst applying them to their everyday routine. We are looking for someone who is compassionate, professional and has an engaging online presence. Some other qualities we look for are creativity, leadership and basic knowledge of social media marketing.If you believe you are a good fit for this role please fill out this form and one of our team members will be in touch!
We believe in freedom of expression. The Quest of Evolution does not take a position of authority over creativity and how it is subjected to each unique individual and will NEVER censor, change or eliminate any content created on our platform, unless it has a direct impact on the financial well-being of the community. We can and will take action against farming activity and anything else that is brought about by bad actors, and that jeopardises the stability of our ecosystem.
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