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CAP: 350


auction: 17.05.23

Chain: ETH



VISUAL ART BY Nicassio Torres
Nicasio Torres is creating ten physical pieces for The 13th Witch, a crypto-novel. He plans to film the creation of water-work paintings, capturing their self-destructive process as the water spreads and destroys the paper. The digital representation in the crypto-novel will be a snapshot of this unique and beautiful destruction, ensuring the one-of-one nature of the artwork. A timelapse will also document the mesmerizing process in action.
Rionna Morgan, a self-proclaimed wanderer, has lived across the United States, but insists she's not in witness protection. She follows her heart, whether it's in the rodeo arena, the classroom as an English teacher, or the courtroom as a lawyer. As a writer, Rionna blends chilling suspense with romance, featuring strong female protagonists who rise above challenges and save themselves. When not traveling, she resides in Montana with her husband, four children, and the majestic mountains.
MUSIC BY Pantera Blue
Classical pianist turned-pop star Pantera Blue not only has a huge following of avid fans, but also a propensity to make beautiful music. Her uniquely dark and melodical style is completely unique, and could only have come from someone that was trained since childhood to play Chopin preludes. She’ll be scoring a romantic/paranormal crypto-novel written by Rionna Morgan.


The Exodus Road
The Exodus Road disrupts the darkness of modern-day slavery by partnering with law enforcement to fight human trafficking crime, equipping communities to protect the vulnerable, and empowering survivors as they walk into freedom.


Elliot Blevins, a former investigative reporter, finds himself captivated by an unexpected encounter during his assignment at the Annual Harvest Moon Festival. In a small dim room, he meets a woman who effortlessly conjures a flame from a candle. Intrigued, Elliot presses her to repeat the part about Friday the 13th, his excitement growing despite his discomfort. Assigned to cover a feel-good piece on the pumpkin competition, Elliot's past and yearning for more meaningful stories drive him to pursue the mysterious woman's tale. As he recalls the scenic drive to the New England community and his initial attraction to her booth, Elliot's determination to write her story takes hold.