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auction: 1ST MAY 2023


WorldView ETHICS


T. Dylan Daniel is a freethinking Texan philosopher & scientist whose work ranges from cognitive neuroscience and philosophy to biophysics and technology. In 2021, Daniel founded the PageDAO to bring Web3 technology to books. Author of 7 books to date and over 200 blog posts and articles, Daniel enjoys time outdoors and learning new things in and around the Web3 technology space.
Midjourney AI is an extremely creative tool that helps its users in creating images with the help of commands. These images are created based on the imagination of the architects.
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By the Quest of Evolution Studio: The Recording Studio arm of the Collaborative platform.


The Alzheimer’s Association leads the way to end Alzheimer’s and all other dementia by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection, and maximizing quality care and support.


Enter the first knowledge base hypergraph, to be constructed around Worldview Ethics, a primary source philosophy text by T. Dylan Daniel, author of Formal Dialectics. This Crypto-Novel will represent an experiment in scientific discourse, with an auction mechanic governing the community’s ability to add to the essay, creating an entirely new work. Each new piece will be available to read via the Quest of Evolution website, but in order to add a new piece to the Crypto-Novel, one must first purchase the corresponding NFT. This game will enable a community to form around the ideas expressed in Worldview Ethics, a philosophy book designed to be accessible and relevant in today’s age.

The community will be empowered to respond to essays by the book’s author in Crypto-Novel form - 6 before and 6 after the launch of the full work, minted via PageDAO NFTBook technology. Royalty seats will receive copies of the full work automatically, and the first edition will consist of up to 10,000 NFTs. With time, a new concept known as the knowledge base hypergraph will emerge, making it possible for a community of interested parties to carry on a culture and a conversation on the basis of shared interest in a given core topic. Topics will refer to posts within themselves and one another, and external, APA-style citations are acceptable with sufficient explanation & reference.

Welcome to the first knowledge base hypergraph experiment, designed to facilitate a deep conversation in technical communities around the questions facing artificial intelligence and ethics.

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